News & Updates

Version 11.0 Released

Gavel Buddy is proud to announce the release of version 11.0!  This version offers new functionality and is now “mobile device” friendly.

New Gavel Buddy Features:

  1. Detailed Expense Tracking – You can now better manage your auction expenses using this feature.  For more information, go HERE.
  2. Buyer’s Premium Steps – With the new buyer’s premium configuration, you can set up “steps”.  Similar to seller commission steps, this allows you charge a buyer premium based on their winning bid totals.

Gavel Buddy Is Now “Mobile Friendly”!
Gavel Buddy is now easier than ever to use on a mobile device.  From smartphones to tablets, Gavel Buddy will adapt to whatever mobile device you are using.

Now Offering Drivers License Scanners!

Gavel Buddy is happy to announce the availability of drivers license scanners for all Web, Standalone and Live users!

What are the benefits?

  • Speed up the checkin process for new bidders.
  • Increase the accuracy of your bidder checkin.
  • Works for all 50 states.
  • Not only captures the data from the drivers license, but also captures an image of the license for future reference.
  • Price is only $480.

Check out the video we created demonstrating how the scanner works with our software: