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Online Only Auction
Fayetteville Woodsong Sale
Starts on October 08, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST
Items Begin Ending on Sunday October 14th, 2018 at 07:00 PM EST.

Online Only Auction Sale 1.All property is sold "AS IS WHERE IS". A successful bid at auction, whether live or online, constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. All sales are final. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges. We make NO guarantees, warranties, or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the property or correctness of the catalog or other description of authenticity of authorship, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibitions, literature, or historical relevance of the property or otherwise. Red Belly Rooster Auction does not employ experts in any field, and no statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed a guarantee, warranty, or representation. The catalog descriptions are a courtesy, meant as a descriptive guide only. 2. Preview times are available upon request for each auction. Bidders are cautioned to examine all merchandise and to use your best judgment as to whether the descriptions are accurate before the start of the auction. Please call the office at 678-815-5687 to schedule appointment. 3. A buyer’s premium of 15% of the successful bid price will be added thereto and is payable by purchaser as part of the total purchase price. 4. A 6% GA sales tax will be charged to all bidders, unless tax exempt certification is filed at: Patty@RedBellyRooster.com prior to the end of the auction. 5. Sellers reserve the liberty to bid on merchandise that they wish to buy back or to establish reserves. Auctioneer and contract workers reserve the right to bid on auction lots for resale or personal use. 6. Multiples may be sold based on a bid on one (1) piece times the number of items. (Example: chairs, sconces, dishes, etc.) If it will be sold times the money, then a symbol such as 2X$, 3X$, 4X$, 10X$, etc., will appear in title to make you aware that it will be that number times the bid amount. 7. Auction locations and pickups can be dangerous, by participating in this auction you are doing so at your own risk with no claim against Auctioneer, Seller, Home Owner, Auction company or Real Estate company. Auction items will be in various places at the home, 2nd floor, basement, shed, barn, attic etc., from which you are expected to retrieve items. Please call 678-815-5687 to find out location of any concerning item or schedule preview appointment. 8.Pickup (A-F) 8A. Local pickup only. Buyer is solely responsible to remove purchases within the time frames posted. All purchases must be paid in full before items will be released from the premises. Buyer must provide his or her own materials, packing supplies & loading labor. Buyer must provide invoice and I. D. at time of pickup. Shipping is the sole responsibility of purchaser. Red Belly Rooster Auction does offer shipping or shipping services 8B. Pickup is on site at home. Street name can be provided, if you contact auctioneer at 678-815-5687 with the exact address provided to winners in winning bidder notification after auction. Pickup days and times are very specific, if pickup does not occur for any reason, a $30 re-staffing charge will be charged for an additional pickup opportunity. Bidders will be banned from auction for not picking up and/or paying for your purchases. 8C. Failure to Remove Purchases. In the event items are not removed in the time frames allotted, the items purchased shall be deemed abandoned and Buyer will lose any right, title or interest Buyer may have acquired and the items shall revert and repossess to Auctioneer without further notice to Buyer. Auctioneer shall also be entitled to any costs associated with the removal, storage and reselling of Buyer's items, and any other charges, fees, and expenses incurred because of Buyer's failure, including all attorney fees and costs incurred by Auctioneer to enforce Buyer’s obligations hereunder. 8D. Failure to Pay. In the event Buyer fails to pay the entire purchase price by the payment deadline, the items purchased shall be deemed abandoned and Buyer will lose any right, title or interest Buyer may have acquired and the items shall revert and repossess to Auctioneer without further notice to Buyer. In addition, Buyer may be prohibited from participating in future auctions. 8F. Non-Delivery. Until purchased items are removed from the premises by the Buyer, Auctioneer shall have the right to cancel or void the sale of any such items purchased by Buyer. Auctioneer shall have no liability to Buyer due to the non-delivery of any purchased item other than the return of Buyer’s payment. No claim of any kind for purchased items, whether or not based on negligence, shall be greater in amount than the purchase price paid by Buyer. 9. Bidders will be notified to whether they won any lots for which they were bidding. Even if your bid is accepted, it may not meet the required reserve. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. The parties hereto acknowledge and accept that, in view of the overlapping means of receiving bids at an auction, there is always the possibility of simultaneous bids being made that may cause the auctioneer to inadvertently conclude that two different bidding clients have each entered a winning bid and therefore successfully purchased the same item. In such event, Auctioneer assumes no liability for any losses that a bidding client may suffer because of such error, and will only endeavor to resolve the matter in an equitable manner. 10. Bid Increments- If you bid over the required increment but short of the next increment and you are the winning bidder, your bid will be rounded up to the next required increment even if your max bid is under that amount. Please review the bid increments and take note of each items next bid amount. If you do not want your bid to be rounded up, then only bid in even bid amounts. (example: an item requires a next bid of $10, you bid $12 ($2 over required bid), it then forces the system to require a $17 bid. The bid increment should be 5, 10,15, 20 so since you pushed the next bidder out of the $15 slot and you are the winner at $12, it will be rounded to $15.) Call 678-815-5687 for specific bid increment information. GA Auctioneer #3934